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About us


I was one of those children that kept every animal under the sun, much to the dismay of my parents. It was not unusual to find newts in the bathroom sink or that I had volunteered to take care of the school mice for the holidays, all unknown to my Mum and Dad. When I began bringing strange dogs home they had to draw a line somewhere, and they gave into me and Errol a yellow lab was given to me for my thirteenth birthday.

Since then I've never been without one. In 1984 my husband Frank bought our first show dog, a chocolate (Blairburn Athos). He was placed well and we were bitten by the bug. Then the girls arrived, a black followed by a yellow both from the Ramsayville kennels. These beautiful girls form the foundation of our small kennel, with no more than 10 dogs at one time. We have all three colours at the moment and I don't have a preference. Loving them all for their wonderful temprement. We are lucky enough to have five dogs with stud book numbers and one with his J.W. but are always striving to improve.

I have been a serving committee member on general Canine societies as well as the Labrador Club of Scotland for many years. I first judged in 1990 and have judged all over Britain. I am currently on the 'B' list for judging. I am delighted to say that I have met and made many friends, both human and canine, throughout the years.


I aquired him tall, dark and handsome (Frank that is) in 1977, then came the minature dashed, the yorkshire terrier, followed not long after by the no.1 son Billy. Being a sensible and sane sort of chap he quickly gave into me and our first show labrador, a chocolate dog (Blairburn Athos) joined the household. This was in 1984 and once again Frank was in love. This time with labradors. Out went the 5-a-side football, the bowling and the T.A. only to be replaced by ringcraft classes, committees, stints as show managers, stewarding and of course Vice President of our local canine society. This all being juggled around showing. Frank then made the decision to move house and change jobs to accommodate our dogs. There have been many highs and lows throughout the years but the one thing that has remained steadfast is Frank's love of our wonderful breed. Frank has been judging since 1990 and has judged all over Britain. In 2008 Frank became an Championship Show judge enabling him to award C.C.'s.

(the above was written for me by my lovely wife, Helen)

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